Investment Programmes


We are able to offer a complete range of immigration services by way of investment into Cyprus.

Cyprus has some of the lowest rates of crime and pollution in Europe, Blue flag beaches, great weather with more than 300 days of sunshine, excellent educational system and a strong sense of community.

Cyprus offers one of the most competitive Investment Schemes.

Permanent Residency by Investment Programme

The Cyprus Investment scheme gives applicants a fantastic opportunity to obtain residency. This is whereby you get given the right to live in Cyprus but do not obtain a Cypriot Citizenship.

·      Applicants are considered permanent residents of Cyprus.

·      No obligation to reside in Cyprus, a short visit to Cyprus once in 2 years is sufficient.

·      Access to excellent Healthcare and Educational schemes.

·      After 7 years of residency in Cyprus, you are entitled to apply for Naturalization thus obtaining a Cyprus Citizenship.

·      Allows you to become a shareholder of a Cyprus based company.


·      No medical tests required.

·      No language proficiency tests required.

·      Approximate length to obtain a Cypriot Permanent Residency is six months.


Applicants are able to secure a permanent residency in Cyprus by investing €300,000 plus VAT in real estate.

Cyprus Investment Programme
This governmental initiative is an effort to continue to attract foreign direct investment, which will further increase the development of Cyprus.
Investments can be made in numerous industries such as Real Estate, Tourism, Infrastructure, Energy, Shipping and others. 
Cyprus offers a unique opportunity to foreign investors who meet the economic criteria,  to apply for a Cypriot citizenship.


The investment can be made by a purchase of €2 million residential home, or a combination of €500,000 + VAT on your main residence and €1,500,000 on other real estate, land development, or infrastructure projects.

Alternatively, a combination of businesses or Alternative Investment Funds of  €2 million with an additional €500,000 + VAT invested in a residential home obtains your Citizenship.

One does not automatically become a tax resident of Cyprus unless he/she spends more than 60 days in the country in one calendar year, this makes the residency very tax efficient.

All family members can acquire Cyprus Citizenship (spouse and children until 18 years old – also adult children until the age of 28 if they can show that they are financially dependent on the Applicant). Future generations would be considered as Cypriot Citizens. 

  • Access to health care institutes and excellent education systems.

  • No language proficiency tests required

  • Able to become, director or shareholder of a Cyprus based entity/business.


Millwood Kane International will provide support through the entire process to ensure that your journey to a new life is as pleasant and smooth as possible.

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