Millwood Kane International offers asset backed loan note investments focused on London real estate opportunities with great returns.

The business model accounts for the acquisition of London based properties offered by distressed homeowners that have fallen into negative equity or arrears. These properties are secured by our experienced agents and partners including Estate Agents, Accountants, Law firms all holding a close relationship with the company. Our team including insolvency practitioners are well positioned to renegotiate terms of the loan to obtain the best possible reduction in debt.

Our loan notes are accessible through an ISIN number accessible through the Bloomberg platform. Investment is secured by a Swiss bank account and distributed and audited in Gurnsey. The Loan Note instruments are secured by way of a charge over the assets of the company and ranks in line with any, and all, secured creditors. 

Our deep roots and strong relationships within the industry allows us the unique ability to acquire these desirable assets. Our strategy minimises risk for our investors as well as ensuring there is significant equity in our developments to repay investors once the properties are sold on.

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