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For centuries, countries have been in competition attracting investment and funding their economies to encourage growth. It’s not surprising then that most developed countries have designed strategies and alternative investments such as providing suitable applicants a citizenship by investment scheme. Throughout the globe a significant number of people seek a second or even a third nationality. For some cultures, a dual nationality is not permitted, but a foreign nationality is still obtainable.

 For most applicants, choosing a citizenship programme, can seem like a daunting task, however it can be simplified when they hire an immigration specialist.

Why Citizenship?

With today’s increasing demands for global mobility, the ease to travel without a visa is quite often the main reason for acquiring citizenship, closely followed by investment. Several sovereignties also create enticements through tax breaks which attracts businesses to expand or relocate. Securing future generations, along with a robust education system are positive reasons why a person would invest in citizenship programs, especially for cultures like India.

In conclusion, sustaining and augmenting wealth, together with added security and quality of life is pivotal to so many people. Most destinations have significantly invested into their own infrastructures offering exceptional lifestyle choices which the prominent society desires.

Programme Types

The Citizenship Programme offers to qualifying applicants, the license to reside in Cyprus and travel freely to over 160 countries. For those who do not wish to relocate permanently they can opt to receive citizenship now but live in Cyprus in the future, if they desire.The Permanent Residency programme gives the investor the right to travel to Cyprus freely and enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle, without the need for visa applications. The Business Visa or MK Directorship Programme allows for the right to expand your business and to be deemed and taxed as a local.

All programmes give the applicant diverse benefits depending on the amount invested in the country.

Requirements per programme

Obtaining the appropriate programme alongside an applicant’s own personal, and professional preferences is essential. Depending on the country, every programme has its own criteria, thus using an immigration specialist ensures that all requirements are met for a successful application.

Every country offering citizenship has its own time frame for the screening process depending on the legislation, the process in place, and the volume of applications. Additionally, the character of the investment and the scale of due diligence exercised, depends on the applicant’s environment abroad, which in this case affects the time of the application process.

Correct planning ensures that all necessary documentation is included and thus processed by the relevant authorities within the optimal time frame, which in Cyprus is approximately 6 months.

Initial Investment

The set-up costs need to be ascertained before making the correct decision. This include legal fees, agency fees, application fees and other additional costs depending on how many family members are involved as well as the level of healthcare required.

The initial investment is one of the biggest considerations when making any decisions. The investment should complement the programme and the initial target, whether that is investment centric or not. Investment on premier beachfront property is quite prominent in Cyprus with non-EU individuals capturing the biggest share of overseas sales contracts. The Applicant and Family members.

Some countries allow for immediate families to gain citizenship, while others offer it to extended family members. The opportunity to grant descendants citizenship, like Cyprus, will need to be considered.


The economic and political environment will impact decisions to a great extended. Choosing the right destination means preserving wealth for future generations and addressing any safety issues for the applicant and their family. Cyprus has recently been voted one of the safest countries in the world and the safest country amongst young people by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Furthermore, each applicant may take into account environmental factors. There are low levels of pollution in Cyprus, and this is appealing to various applicants across the globe.

Independent Consultants

Immigration specialists will guide your through the process and all regulations involved in a citizen by investment program. A trusted consultant’s knowledge in immigration, and the processes involved will give your journey to citizenship an enjoyable and easy one to understand. Legal matters can be discouraging to most people, as well as tax systems. Every step of the way can be made easy and transparent for you, using an immigration specialist, so you will not have to worry.

Your consultant should assist you on every step of the way, and work for you to protect your interests. Working with the wrong developers who sell their own property, or estate agents working for the seller, is not the best method, so choosing an independent consultant is crucial to a successful application, whatever your aspirations and preferences may be.

Millwood Kane International can assist you throughout the process of citizenship by investment, and your journey, by offering expert advice in identifying and obtaining your ideal immigration or investment programmes. You and your family will be made to feel at home, and with ease regarding your application, offering full transparency in Cyprus.

Our office can assist in any way necessary and make your transition comfortable throughout the process.

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