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Cyprus has always been considered a holiday destination, filled with beautiful beaches, historical sites, blue skies and sunshine. Of course this is true for the holiday maker, however, businesses now see Cyprus has far more to offer, especially for a businesses seeking growth and new opportunities.


Cyprus, being part of the EU has so many additional benefits for those wishing to relocate here from non-EU countries, making Cyprus their gateway to Europe, or from other member states taking advantage of the attractive tax systems, whether you are a new company or established.

Benefitting from the geographic location, of 3 continents – Europe, Africa and Middle East - modern economy, high standard of education and skilled professionals, together with relatively low labor costs, excellent professional services, banking, telecommunications and transport links, a good regulatory system, companies are seeing all the advantages of having their company set up in Cyprus. A high quality of life allows for work life balance.

Cyprus is a growing economy, with continual improvements in all its infrastructures. As a holiday destination, arrivals are increasing year on year, which in turn has a positive effect on the Cypriot economy. The latest figures have shown a major increase in new companies starting up.

All the above points are contributing factors to the recent figures released by the Department of Registrar of Companies, who have announced that applications for company registrations in Cyprus for February 2018 had risen by an impressive 25.5% compared with last year.

For companies looking, Cyprus now is the perfect time.

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