Anastasiades chooses his cabinet after successful win in Cyprus Elections MILLWOOD KANE INTERNATIONAL
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Our sincere warmest congratulations to His Excellency President Nicos Anastasiades, on the victory of the Cyprus Governmental Elections, which took place on Sunday 4th February 2018. This sees the start of his second term in office.

Further congratulations are in order today as the president has successfully chosen a new government cabinet.


Anastasiades was originally elected as President in 2013 and after 5 years in office, he began his campaign to remain as President of Cyprus.

It was clear from early in the day that Anastasiades was going to retain his position and won with a clear 55.99% of the vote.

The 71 year-old President won with a clear majority of the peoples votes, which goes to show that the policies and promises to the people of Cyprus that he implemented have helped Cyprus grow, and he has won their hearts yet again.

His second term gives confidence to the country's policies and their continuity. We are sure the president will continue the great work.

The composition of the ministry is as follows:

Minister of Finance: Harris Georgiades

Minister for Foreign Affairs: Nikos Christodoulides

Minister of Defense: Savvas Aggelidis

Minister of Health: Konstantinos Ioannou

Minister of Education: Kostas Hampiaouris

Minister of Labor: Zeta Emilianidou

Minister of Commerce: Georgios Lakkotrypis

Minister for Agriculture: Kostas Kadis

Minister of the Interior: Constantinos Petrides

Minister for Justice: Ionas Nicolaou

Minister of Transport: Vasiliki Anastasiadou

Appointments of Commissioners:

The Cabinet today announced the appointment of the following Commissioners:

Deputy Minister of Shipping: Natasa Pilidou

Deputy Minister Despite the President: Vasilis Palmas

Government Spokesperson: Prodromos Prodromou

Deputy Government Spokesperson: Klelia Vasiliou

Director of the President's Office: Petros Demetriou

Commissioner Humanities: Fotis Fotiou

Environment Commissioner: Ioanna Panagiotou

Volunteer Commissioner: Yiannis Yiannaki

Commissioner of Gender Equality: Iosifina Antoniou

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