Architecture in retrospect and the new contemporary tradition MILLWOOD KANE INTERNATIONAL
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From colonial and neoclassical style, to contemporary and high-tech living –modernism, minimalism, eco-homes, you name it its available.

Whether you aspire to purchase a fully revamped neoclassical style residence or a contemporary home utilising the latest technology, we are talking about two truly unique choices, both available in Cyprus. 



The former buys you a throwback to the 19th century with its elevated porticos and stately ionic columns. The rooms are inviting, with a mix of wood and the quintessential patterned floor tiles, high rise ceilings breath nostalgia in every room corner. Many of these homes were erected by expats from Anatolia and British colonialists, as well as local master builders. Neoclassical influences spread throughout the island after the Greek-Cypriots became educated abroad, notably in Greece and Europe and brought with them their foreign influences. These residences are a challenge to preserve and need specialised contractors, however many have been refurbished to date, to high standards of functionality. Many are utilised for commercial purposes, housing different types of business activities including retail, concept bars, cafes and boutique hotels.

On the latter side,Millwood Kane International dived into the archives of modern living on the island which revealed some interesting facts. The contemporary style is quite distinguishable although its definition can be rather fluid, it is meant to go with the times, we have come across bespoke residences on the outskirts of the cities in smart boxy shapes, and wood cladding facades, these are projects by some of the most distinguished architects on the island designed for better living and artistic excellence. They are created having in mind their functional integration with the natural surroundings, utilising climate conditions to their advantage, these homes incorporate the latest green technology to deliver all in house amenities, behaving in high intelligence it almost feels like they have a pulse.

An astonishing villa on an open-field plot in the eastern part of Paphos, home of a renowned Cypriot architect, has been designed to incorporate materials found near the site. The residence is designed in accordance with an Envelop System, the high-tech glass and metal interior is enclosed in an external concrete low-tech façade. Concrete tube pipe sections placed in stacks on the southern facade shield from strong winds, direct sunlight and provide privacy whilst creating a sense of ambience. The Envelop system provides a high degree of thermal insulation and a water corridor on the Northern side acts as a natural air-cooling system.


Contemporary home by vardastudio

What does contemporary design mean to the those occupying the space, we tried to define that in terms of how it should feel. The key prerequisites come down to the ability of the space to deliver autonomously whilst respecting and responding to personal preferences. Without necessarily referring to minimalistic concepts, generally less is more, practicality and seamless integration with the outdoor surroundings are key. Owners of such bespoke residences wish for their homes to ‘work’ with the morphology, in other words they opt for minimal to zero burden imposed on their environment. When considering interior design, that can be borrowing concepts from different genres depending on the occupant’s personal style, for example the space may feature clean-lined furniture with a focus on comfort, or in some cases the owner may choose form over function when the desire is to include certain statement pieces. The norm is open plan spaces, lively and airy and of course, the cantilevers which are often tactically placed to capture the best views, bringing the outside inside.

Whether it’s investing in a contemporary home, modern or a century old residence, although all three present quite unique proposals. they share a common purpose- acquiring a space which ensures, comfort, reliability and freedom of expression.

Millwood Kane International is at your service in making your vision for better living a reality.

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