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We are proud to announce that the capital city Nicosia has been nominated amongst 5 cities for European Youth City by European Youth Foundation 2021. In the year 2016 it was also named city of the year by the Financial Times, for Human Capital/Lifestyle category

Since 2009, the European Youth Capital tittle is awarded to a European City every year, following a three-phase bidding process. It is an opportunity for the youth to realise their ambitions for the future. During the year, hundreds of advance programs designed by the youth for the youth, are implemented to help a wide range of critical youth related social issues.

Some of the criteria looked at by the Foundation, is the percentage of youth, Nicosia has 100 thousand young people under 35 years old, almost 40% of the overall population of the city. There are 35 thousand students (university/college) and young researchers, a third of them from abroad. Nicosia is also home to the Youth Board of Cyprus and 750 other youth organisations, and an amazing 45% of its youth participate in volunteering activities.

Nicosia, is the capital of Cyprus with a population of 299,215. With its vibrant lifestyle, historical and modern architecture, practical and diverse mindset, Nicosia offers many things to everyone. The large medieval Venetian wall, in the centre has become a land mark, and is surrounded by the financial district, governmental offices, many coffee shops and restaurants, to cater for its leisure and foodie culture.

One of the main reasons for high ratings amongst many of the capital cities is that Nicosia manages to maintain it’ s unique charm but still advances in innovation.

Once again congratulations to the Youth of Nicosia, for their continuous achievements.


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