Cyprus welcomes its first Casino - City of Dreams MILLWOOD KANE INTERNATIONAL
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Yesterday saw a landmark for Cyprus and their economy, job market and tourism. The islands very first legal casino launched their new and exciting website which shows in detail the full realization of the integrated casino resort that City of Dreams are bringing to the Mediterranean.


Their new website is available in both Greek and English, and fully details the new and exciting plans for Cyprus. The €550 million project which is due for completion by 2021 is the first of its kind in Europe and this brings with it massive opportunities for Cyprus. The first set of projected figures state that the casino resort will attract in excess of 300,000 additional tourists to the Island annually with the hope that they can make Cyprus and ‘all year round’ resort.

As the main resort will take some years to complete, the consortium will open a temporary casino in Limassol, along with four satellite casinos in the four other main areas of Cyprus (Nicosia, Larnaca, free Famagusta area and Paphos), this was agreed when the license was granted, which opens the island up for an economy and jobs boost in all major areas.

One of the key pages on the website is their career section, this section will soon be announcing the career opportunities that this project is going to offer in Cyprus. The resort plus the satellite casino’s aim to employ 2500 permanent staff on the Island, this is in addition to the reported 4000 new construction jobs that will be created in order for the project to be completed.

The casinos will bring further regeneration to all the major towns in Cyprus, and with many other major projects on the island, such as a New Mall and Marina for Larnaca, and the Ayia Napa Marina, Cyprus continues its growth of infrastructure, and its long term plans to build a stronger economy.


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