London is still a prime location MILLWOOD KANE INTERNATIONAL
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What makes now the perfect time to be investing in London property whether it is for owner occupancy or for buy to let investment?

Even though, property price growth in London is predicted that the average house price in London will fall around 2% this year and will be flat in 2019, it will return to growth, in 2020.

Further forecasts by some of the main London estate agents, have also predicted that the overall property values in London will rise by around 7.1% between 2019 and 2022 which is great news if you take advantage of investing now when prices are down, and availability is exceptionally good.

In London investors have made the biggest profits, the average profit being £253,981, with 96% of investors seeing a profit, and with 28% of them almost doubling their initial investment when they sold.

But if you don’t want to sell up and want to continue renting your investment out, then in London you can maximize on the rental income. With a shortage of suitable properties and greater demands from renters, letting agents say that this will result in upwards price pressure in lettings asking prices.

A recent analysis by London agent Kinleigh Folkards & Hayward found that 65% of tenants still consider the location as a priority and 51% making their choice based on transport links. The research also revealed that the majority of tenants are not considering leaving the London area.

Furthermore, 109 property professionals polled by MT Finance affirmed that 33% of investors still plan to grow their portfolios in 2018, half said they will not be making any changes, but none said that they were planning to sell any of their properties. When questioned which areas are being considered, London was chosen as one of the main targets, giving confidence to the market.


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