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The government want to make the UK one of the best countries in the world to develop, test and sell AV’s. That is why they have set aside £1 billion of new spending for hi-tech projects including AV’s. The British government announced in November 2017, that by the end of 2021, the UK will have AV’s operating, however before this can be implemented the government must review their laws to establish if this new type of transport will require new criminal charges to be introduced.


The real estate industry is all for the introduction of AV’s. In a city like London, which struggles for space to develop new housing projects etc, it is believed that the introduction of AV’s will almost eliminate congestion which could boost London’s economy by up to £5.5 billion each year, help to prevent unnecessary road deaths, and free up space in the city equivalent to 9000 football pitches which is currently being used as parking space. The car manufacturer Volvo has pledged to have 100 AV’s on the streets of London within the next 2 years and Uber plans to completely replace its fleet with AV’s. Therefore, the development over the next 2 years is crucial and the implementation must be correct for the projected benefits to come to fruition.

The introduction of AV’s is still causing some friction, as although there seem to be huge benefits in terms of pollution reduction, reduction of road deaths, ease of travel for those who may be unable to drive, there are many who think there will be a negative effect, as if people no longer have cars, then garages, petrol stations, insurance companies, driving schools and car manufacturers will be impacted greatly. There are also positives, delivery firms are expected to grow as there will be greater easy in delivering goods, more people are expected to travel cross countries and continents using AV vehicles, making hotel reservations in out of the way locations more popular.

Before any country can introduce AV’s to their cities, they must be sure that AV’s will solve problems and not contribute further to more problems. In the USA, they have been trialing AV’s. AV’s have driven around 4 million miles on public roads, and the only accidents that they have been involved in were caused by other vehicles being driven by other humans, this is because AV’s have a ‘superhuman’ perception and can apply the brakes in less than a millisecond, which is considerably quicker that a human driver can.

The research which has not yet been completed, seems to be in favour of AV’s because we are living in a world where new technology is at the forefront of most industries, and people have less spare time.

Self-drive cars will change the way we live.

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