Raising the bar for medical tourism. MILLWOOD KANE INTERNATIONAL
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Relax and enjoy the serenity of Cyprus and its beauty. The favourable climate of this Mediterranean island attracts many people not only for their normal vacations but also medical treatments together with recuperation. The blend of healthcare and medical treatment, with cost effective prices, is making Cyprus a very popular destination.

Global medical tourism has always existed, it’s a fast-growing sector, with Visa estimating that 11 million people travel each year around the world, seeking for cheaper and better places to experience their medical requirements. The value is estimated to grow to US$32.5 billion by 2019, which is why Cyprus was one of the first countries to enter this sector of tourism in Europe. Cyprus Health Services Promotion Board, which is a non-profit organization was founded in 2006 after an initiative taken by the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI), aiming mainly to the development and promotion of Cyprus as a medical centre. As Cyprus was already a major tourist destination, and has excellent health institutions, it already had the fundamentals to develop this sector.


There are many modern private hospitals, clinics, and ER centers with state-of-the-art facilities, technology and equipment, highly trained and experienced doctors and medical staff who were mainly trained in Europe and USA. Cyprus boasts a cultivated medical infrastructure, with many languages spoken, English being the most prominent, but also Russian, French, and German, to mention a few. It is strictly regulated by EU legislation, and the medical industry standards are very high in Cyprus.

From full annual check-ups, physiotherapy, cardio care, dental procedures, and cosmetic or reconstructive surgery, accompanied with recuperation, all can be obtained with professionalism and comfort. The vast array of medical labs for diagnostic purposes, also provide specialised fields, can provide up to date information for any requirement. Waiting times are short, same day appointments are very normal and it is possible to see a variety of medical specialists in either a single medical centre or within a quick drive to each other, distances on the island are short.

Cyprus’s location between three continents also makes it very convenient for many travellers, with many airlines connecting to Cyprus. Cyprus aspires to become the main medical center to serve these areas.

Investors have also found opportunities in the medical tourism sector, as there are many specific areas of service which still need development, such as elderly care. With many double tax treaties, and tax benefits of having a business in Cyprus, this sector has already attracted many proposals.

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