Snow skiing and water skiing on the same day. MILLWOOD KANE INTERNATIONAL
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Cyprus is known for its intense Mediterranean climate of hot summers and mild winters. During the months December to February it is winter- time for Cypriots and it’s the rainiest season. The magic of Cyprus is that you can enjoy plentiful sunshine, outdoor activities and excursions all over Cyprus all year round.

The sea and the mountains are so close you can go water skiing and snowboarding on the same day, you don’t need to choose, as the distance between them is less than an hour by car.

In the morning you can visit the Troodos Mountains, which during winter are covered with glistening snow. The ski Resort is located at Troodos Mount Olympos, which is the highest mountain in the country with an altitude of 1,951 metres, offering 4 Kilometers of slopes. Daily temperatures rarely go below 4 °C. Here, you can take advantage of the pleasure to ski under the Mediterranean sunshine. An International F.I.S Skiing competition is organised every year by the Cyprus Ski Federation. There you see people of all ages enjoying the snow, with children able to take free introduction classes to the sport by academy athletes. The resort is at a truly breath-taking location, offering ski amenities, but if you are not that daring you can visit the small wine villages and vine yards. If you fancy a real traditional Cyprus taste along with the snow outside, you can try the village’s local delicacy drink Zivania, which contains 45% alcohol. It’s a drink that contains no sugars and has no acidity, purely made from grapes. Zivania has been protected under EU regulations as a product unique to Cyprus and as such cannot be produced in any other country or marketed under that name.

In the afternoon, you can drive to Limassol or Larnaca, which are both about an hour away from Troodos mountain and sunbathe by the beach. All year round, every coastal city of Cyprus, has a water sport center where you can get equipment or even take some courses. Cyprus has ranked first in Europe for the ratio of beaches that received the “Blue Flag”, to the total number of beaches in the country, for the twelfth year in a row. In 2017, a total of 63 beaches and one marina have been awarded the Blue Flag. You can spy foreigners and locals during the winter time swimming in Cyprus’ crystal, clean turquoise and calm waters.


Another great choice would be to visit Limassol’s newly renovated marina or Paphos and Larnaca for a relaxing afternoon at the cafes and restaurants.

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