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The most interesting and accomplished people, all have a vision for their lives. Having a vision makes you better able to change your life. Ownership of a house has always been an important milestone of adulthood and most people grow up thinking/knowing that home ownership is a mark of success, adulthood, fortune. A lot of people have a new home on their vision board, but we need to go beyond simply imagining and really feel what it’s like to be enjoying our manifested dreams. Close your eyes, picture yourself living in the home of your dreams, and experience how you feel. When buying your home, it’s very important to have a trusted advisor that will take into consideration your vision and who will work for your benefit the buyer not the seller.

Buying a house will be one of the biggest financial commitments you'll make in your lifetime. Always, before buying, you must consider your long- terms plans and buy the house for the life you dream and not the life you have today what you think is your dream house now. Buying a big house with a swimming pool near to the mountains or the beach, near your office, and moving to Cyprus to start a new life is truly the stuff dreams are made of! Living in a country, where you must endure months of cold, dark, rainy morning commutes to work and then followed by dark, cold, rainy evening commutes home from work makes your life difficult. In contrast living in a country like Cyprus, with over 326 days of sunshine, your whole outlook on life can change.

Cyprus is a European country, where you can enjoy relatively ‘low cost of living’ and a ‘high standard of living’, a lifestyle that is hard to find elsewhere. Regarding property, Cyprus offers a full range of options for both commercial and residential use, situated in key locations across the island. Real estate in Cyprus is a profitable investment with guaranteed rental income. Most commercial properties are in Nicosia since it is the capital of Cyprus and a financial hub. Additionally, each city has office space available for businesses. They usually include fully-equipped offices that are available on demand with flexible terms, meeting rooms and a receptionist service. Rentals are around two-thirds of those charged for comparable commercial spaces in continental Europe.

In Cyprus, there are many types of properties available on the market from your basic one to two-bedroom apartments, to luxury homes near to the beach. If you desire a luxury apartment or an exclusive villa with your own private beach or direct access to the beach, then you can find all of this in all coastal cities. Ayia Napa will soon boast a €220 million project featuring twin skyscrapers and a yacht marina for 600 vessels. Plans for marinas in Larnaca, Paphos and Paralimni are currently being developed.

If you are searching a property, in a city with a warm climate, friendly residents, famous award-winning beaches, where you can enjoy great food, historical charm and secure leisurely lifestyle then you should make Larnaca your hometown. Buying a property in Larnaca Town Center means you will be within walking distance to all cafes, restaurants, great beaches, private schools, public schools and shopping malls. Also, very importantly, you the investor, will have a guarantee the greatest returns.

If you are searching for a villa or a luxury house, with a sea view then in Larnaca Dekhelia Road you can find Mediterranean style holiday villas built to European standards, elite villas, luxury apartments, prestigious townhouses, modern penthouses or traditional architecture houses.


In addition, Cyprus has a growing reputation for straightforward tax laws that promote transparency. For example, the Immovable Property Tax payable to the Tax Department by anyone who buys a new house has been completely removed in favour of a less complex system. The introduction of new and attractive property tax incentives, as well as the programme for naturalisation of investors which attracted mainly non-EU buyers to invest in Cyprus property increased the demand. There is a steady boost in demand in Cyprus real estate: transaction volume to overseas buyers increased by 33%.

Similarly, according to Statistical Service the construction sector has seen healthy growth, for the period January – June 2018, the total value of building permits increased by 20,4% and the total area by 26,2% in the corresponding period of the previous year. Building permits constitute a leading indicator of future activity in the construction sector and that the country is evolving. Buying property in Cyprus will be a reliable investment if the deal is entrusted to people that will take into consideration your current pains and your future gains after acquiring any kind of property.

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