Testimonials - Results from #12 MILLWOOD KANE INTERNATIONAL

Jeremy Wong

Millwood Kane has made the entire transition to Cyprus so easy! After going through the entire process, Cyprus is definitely not the easiest and fastest place to have this completed. Things work a bit slowly and the official language is in Greek. Nish, Malar, Mylton, Terpsi and the entire Millwood Kane team made it so painless. I visited Cyprus twice to get in person documents and meetings done and the entire process took about 6 months. Once I landed in Cyprus, they had all bank meetings, accountants, real estate, utility, phone and any other meeting I could think of already set up and pre-arranged for me.

I was accompanied through the entire process and never felt like I was out of the loop. I would definitely recommend working with them as I don't think this process would be able to be done without a team with so much expertise and deep connections in Cyprus. I can't think of a better team to navigate this space as I have had experience doing business in over 20+ countries!

Real Estate Investor

I am delighted to provide feedback on Millwood Kane International (MKI), who advised us on real estate investment for Citizenship by Investment program in Cyprus.

MKI’s team is a delight to work with and is always approachable. They provide expert opinion and personalized advice with a very high degree of engagement. They not only did research and ground work on our requirements before our visit to Cyprus, but also made our visit smooth by effectively planning the days. They introduced us to different parts of Cyprus, which gave us the true vibe of the country for our family and as a gateway to investment opportunities.

MKI’s team not only did a thorough due diligence on our selected property but also did not shy away from helping us with negotiation and contract to protect our interest with the developers. In our limited time, they professionally acted as our one point of contact for multiple teams including developer; immigration and legal teams, to ensure timely filing of our application.

Their focus, dedication and transparency exceeded our expectations throughout our engagement. MIK’s team will always remain as our trusted partner and friend for our future investments!

Anish Bhatt
Founder & CEO of Watch Anish

My experience with Millwood Kane is one that has been extremely positive from the outset. Having made the difficult decision to move countries to Cyprus there were a multitude of tasks that needed to be taken care of. Every step of the way the Millwood Kane team helped us through them and appointed us with dedicated staff specialising in different aspects tailored to what we needed at that time. It made not just the physical move easy but also streamlined all of the paperwork and regulatory elements.

We found a great school for our daughter and my business was set up and running here in no time, we found a beautiful house to live in and we felt settled almost immediately. A big thank you to all of the team for their continued help, which remains ongoing even until this day!