Testimonials - Results from #6 MILLWOOD KANE INTERNATIONAL

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Rohit Sawant

Invaluable service, you’ve helped every step of the way. Best thing is that the team genuinely cares for my success.

Best money I spent, you’ve saved me 10s of thousands!

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Anil Sood

Millwood Kane have a unique perspective that is refreshing. They are made up of people from Cyprus, UK, Eastern Europe and India. They really understand real estate and Cyprus and can share their experience. For those looking to move to Cyprus, I just want to say, I'm glad they were by our side, I highly recommend their service.


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R. Parmar

I have actively been thinking of making the move abroad, my relationship manager immediately understood my mixed feelings about moving to another country, the excitement of the move and the anxiety of leaving my friends, family and my favorite Indian delicacies etc was a constant conflict.

Millwood Kane helped with many of the practicalities of life in Cyprus which not only included some of the great aspects of life here in Cyprus for example the beaches, the weather, the pace of life but also dealing with all the red tape that I would not gave managed without their help.

Thank you Millwood Kane with my move you did not disappoint!