Testimonials - Results from #9 MILLWOOD KANE INTERNATIONAL

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Chirag Patel

Nothing seemed too much.

Once I made the move to Cyprus i was concerned that i would have no one's support and fend for myself but they are constantly offering tips, hints, and advice on day to day matters. this has helped navigate away from the usual tourist traps and we have to discover hidden gems such as small coves and authentic local taverns. Thank you MK team!

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Sujeet Verma

Straightforward and honest advice, no sugar coating. You managed my expectations and also prepared me for the adventure ahead, Thank you!


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N Kaur Gupta

Scepticism into delight.
We are a young family who wanted to live in Cyprus. My husband is abroad a lot and we have a young daughter. Fear and frustration and being homesick, MK helped to find happiness on the island and settled into life with ease. To say that I have enjoyed every step of my journey to start over in Cyprus is not enough. MK was there and helped in every way possible. There are people that make your move easy.