"I am a migrant of Indian origin born in Africa. I have migrated from Africa to London, and London to Cyprus. Migration has given me a global perspective on life and the lessons learnt have been profound. Combining this with the experience of being in business for over 30 years, the one thing that is of growing importance to us and our clients is global mobility.

Migrating through continents, one thing that I strived for was a sense of belonging in each place. Finding this blanket of safety and financial cushion in Real Estate paved the concept of Millwood Kane International. This became further defined by realising that real estate plays an integral role in our client’s lives, regardless of what business they are in.

The aim of Millwood Kane International is to provide global independence for our clients with the safety of Real Estate. As part of our mission, wealth creation and preservation has been the driving force in all our decisions. Gratification for us comes from the positive change we see in the lives of our clients and their families."

NIsh Bhatt 


Millwood Kane International

London Office:

+44 20 3086 9282

118 Pall Mall, London, SW1Y 5EA

Cyprus Office:

 +357 24 253 737

10 Ifestou, Larnaca, 7102

Mumbai Office:
 +91 227 127 9329​

One Indiabulls Tower 2a, 8th floor,

Lower Parel, Mumbai, 400013

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