Blockchain causes chain reaction at Davos MILLWOOD KANE INTERNATIONAL
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Last week saw the close of the 48th World Economic forum which was held in Davos. The forum this year drew the largest participant numbers, with over 2500 world leaders, politicians and celebrities in attendance.

This year the theme was ‘Creating a shared future in a fractured world’ with a number of cracks in global politics, economics and society being the focus.

There were many keynote speeches that had the world watching, the headline speakers included President Trump, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, President Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Theresa May.

Davos planners identified the main points needed to be discussed on a global platform and these were all covered in depth by the speakers this year. There were 8 key subjects which were: Privilege, Immigration, Harassment, Religion, Mental Health, Race, LGBTQ Identity, and Disability.

However, despite the pre-planned discussion topics, one of the surprises at this year’s forum was how block chain and block chain technology featured heavily in many of the speeches and how many believe that this will have a huge impact on the global economic market.

The technology used in block chain is what is keeping the growing Crypto Currency market alive, without it the likes of Bitcoin could not survive in the ‘real world’. Many of them talked at length about how this ‘virtual’ market can become regulated, and it was apparent that this will be a difficult process both legally and economically, but none the less, the world’s economic market is changing and even the sceptics amongst us cannot argue that Crypto Currencies look like they are here to stay.

The many articles published this week in relation to the WEF 2018 goes to show the success of the forum and how the world’s elite need to bring it together to try to improve the global economy as no nation is powerful or successful enough to achieve this alone. Each country represented at the forum came with their own agendas, but for them to succeed they need to work with others.


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