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Last year, more than 56,2000 tonnes of packaging was recycled. This is 135% over contractual obligations. The success of this green movement in Cyprus is further heightened by the fact that there is a “lack of institutional framework for mandatory recycling by the public,” as Green dot stated. Green Dot Cyprus is the first Collective Compliance System for Packaging and Packaging Waste in Cyprus. This was an initiative of the local industry and the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI).

According to the data of Green Dot, since the beginning of the recycling program, from 2007 until 2016, 400,000 tonnes of packing waste has been recycled. “By the end of 2017, the collection of recycling packages program was servicing around 82% of the country`s population, covering 26 municipalities and 50 communities” said Green Dot. The packaging has been separated into three sections; PMD, paper and glass. The materials are separated at two storing units and are all processed abroad expect glass which remains in Cyprus. The glass itself is crushed and used in cement and other construction materials as a raw material. This is important for Cyprus as new developments that are happening are able to use this local glass, and therefore this recycling movement is seen in practice.

Sea pollution is also being tacked by a new campaign ‘Zero Waste Beach’ launched by Akti. This project involves the cooperation of many businesses such as coffee shops, restaurants, kiosks, beach bars as well as supermarkets. This campaign involves the voluntary participation to create a network of businesses to enforce actions to protect the sea and coasts. As tourism is one of the driving forces of the Cyprus economy, the encouragement to sustain and increase this is coming from all angles. With 64 Blue flag beaches that Cyprus holds, this effort is one that is imperative to provide visitors the true experience of the Cyprus coastline.


Ypsonas municipality in Limassol will also launch a pilot program this month, offering citizens who recycle a reduction of up to 30% on their annual rubbish fee, as a reward and incentive for recycling, said by the Mayor - Pantelis Georgiou. The primary aim of this project is to reduce the waste falling into landfills. The idea evolved after the company Ecofy won the Smart City Hackathon. Ecofy was then asked by the Municipality to create a mobile app for this program. Apart from this program, another initiative has been announced: Reduce – Reuse – Recycle. This project has been funded by the EU programmed LIFE+.

With these innovative incentives Cyprus is contributing to the global movement in bettering the environment.

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