Investment Plan for Europe “Which reform do we want?” MILLWOOD KANE INTERNATIONAL
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Millwood Kane International attended the first of four conferences coordinated by The Representatives of the European Commission in Cyprus to a Citizens’ dialogue, which took place on Wednesday 3rd October at the EU House, Nicosia. 


A welcome speech was given by Thea Pieridou, Deputy Head of the European Commission Representation in Cyprus, outlining the reasons why the European Union has introduced this plan, giving every European country the prospect of further assistance and a continuation of the "Juncker Plan” or the “EU Infrastructure Investment Plan” which was implemented in 2015.

Keynote Speaker: Mr Constantinos Petrides, Minister of Interior

Debaters: Mrs Eleni Mavrou, Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on Internal Affairs

Mr Andreas Matsas, Secretary General of SEK

Mr Andreas Athanasiades, Management Consultant

Moderator: Mr Kyriakos Pierides, Journalist

The focus of discussion was on Shaping Cyprus for the long term through change and sustainable investment, with as little risk as possible to the positive upward economic growth.

After a brief introductory speech by all the panel, giving details of current affairs, and pointing areas of interest, an opportunity for questions and answers was allowed, again bringing up many interesting subjects for discussion which will take place in the next conference, scheduled for 24th October 2018.

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