Oops! Your data has been breached MILLWOOD KANE INTERNATIONAL
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Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook has come straight out and has admitted that Facebook has made some big mistakes and made apologies. The Cambridge Analytica scandal is named after the company that the Facebook app developer allowed to harvest data from up to a reported 50 million Facebook user profiles.

Some well know apps such as Amazon, Buzzfeed, Instagram and Tinder are just a few of the apps that are connected to your profile and have access to your data via Facebook, and even if you are to delete your Facebook account, these apps will continue to store your data until you make a request to each and every app that you have access to ask them to remove your information. This huge breach in privacy has seen a huge number of Facebook accounts deleted and has had a financial impact on the company.

Are your personal details being mined via Social Media? This is a question, that many us will have to take the time to ask ourselves. Everyday there seem to be a news story that companies have had their data hacked and exposed millions of people’s personal details, we are forever prompted to change our passwords on our email accounts, our banks are forever sending details to us of how to avoid scammers but what we were not prepared for was to have our personal information ‘mined’ via social media. No matter how careful we have been with our passwords, not accepting requests from people we don’t know, we were not prepared for what has been revealed by the Cambridge Analytica scandal this week. Equifax was one of the biggest with 147 million consumers affected. Yahoo, 3 billion between 2013 – 2017. Uber even paid a ransom.

The only good news is in the way in which companies are responding to the breaches, which is just as important. Many regulators are implementing more and more safe guards, governments are regulating privacy laws more strictly. On the 25th

May 2018, Europe are implementing #GDPR which ALL companies and authorities which all European countries must adhere to, making it a more complete law in securing personal data.


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